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The Rise of Robert Lofton


I started my business in 1982 from my kitchen table and was drawn to the promise of freedom this type of lifestyle would give me. Since then, it has been 38 years and God has been incredibly generous. Even though I’ve moved on from my kitchen table, my goals and strategies have remained consistent and fruitful.

My name is Robert Lofton and I am the owner of The Lofton Agency. I was raised in a small town known as Sweetwater, Alabama. My family was satisfied with living an average life and never pushed me to work for more in life. I knew early on, however, that I was destined for more and I got to work.

Despite getting resistance from my family, I decided to attend an all-white school 20 miles away. There, I started playing football and discovered that I was quite good at it. I graduated in 1980 as the only black male in my class; and a football star earning a full scholarship to the University of North Alabama. I was the first person in my family to attend and graduate from college, earning degrees in Radio, Television, Film, Biology, and Military Science.

Moreover, I am also a 20-year veteran officer of The United States Army as a Combat Engineer. My wife, Lula, is my college sweetheart and we have been married for 36 years. We have two children, two children in-law, and one grandson. I am a former “Mr. Alabama” Bodybuilding Champion, a triple bypass survivor, and most important of all, I am a son of God. Everything I do stems from my purpose to lead a life of service.

The year 2020 was a most remarkable year! It created challenges that will change the way that we live forever. The Lofton Agency recognizes these challenges. We work hard to offer clients like you personalized solutions to help you overcome every obstacle between you and your dream business.

Creating a healthy wallet is as important as creating a healthy immune system. The Lofton Agency understands that all of these pieces work together. That’s why we partner with a variety of companies that will primarily focus on these intersecting challenges.

The companies that comprise The Lofton Agency are (in alphabetical order):

  • Anovite International

  • BizToolKit.Io

  • Isagenix International

  • Juice Plus+

  • Sun Solar Memphis



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Naturally Advanced Wellness Products That Make’s Your Body Better. Our award-winning products are based on Blue Zones, areas where men and women live well into their 90’s and beyond. Our products are designed to bring restoration of health by fueling your body with the most powerful superfoods on the planet. After suffering a triple-bypass at the age of 50, Robert used the products of Anovite to rebuild his body to become stronger than he have ever been in his life.



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The #1 Automated CRM And Digital Marketing Platform For Any Business Online...
The first-ever platform built to manage a Business Follow up, two-way texting, pipeline, scheduling, and so much more all from the single dashboard.

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To truly care for your skin, you need to start below the surface. Collagen Elixir(™) nourishes your skin from the inside out, promoting enhanced elasticity, firmness, and hydration for a healthy and radiant complexion. Skin is the body’s largest organ and is composed of water, protein, and fat. Collagen is your body’s most abundant protein. It creates structure, resilience, and elasticity. It acts like a glue that helps hold everything in place. Your body builds and repairs Collagen everyday but Collagen production gradually declines with age. Collagen Elixir (™) combines highly bioavailable collagen peptides along with vitamins and minerals to quickly deliver collagen benefits throughout the body. Isagenix also specializes in Intermittent Fasting, CBD Pain relief patches, and some of the best nutritional supplements in the world.



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Juice Plus+’s mission is to Inspire healthy Living Around The World, whether it is our Juice Plus+ capsules and chewable or our Complete shake mixes and bars, Juice Plus+ makes it easy to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet. Our Tower Garden helps people grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs in almost any indoor or outdoor space making healthy food only a few steps away. We don’t need to make inflated promises or claims about our products. No disease claims, no exaggerations of any kind because Mother Nature needs no hype. Plant-based nutrition from fruit and vegetables has been demonstrated by Science to give your body the building blocks it needs to help you look and feel better to live longer, healthier lives. 

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Attention Homeowners:

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to enjoy better savings on your power consumption while investing in your home’s equity and supporting clean energy all at the same time?

Have you ever considered the idea of generating your own electricity?

Solar electricity systems are among the few home enhancement features that are guaranteed to improve the value of your home. Solar panels add beauty and, is an objective choice that is loved by almost everyone. Solar panels add tremendous value to the overall value of your home by contributing to a significant decrease in your electric bill, which could translate into a long-term appreciation in value to you and whoever owns your home in the future.



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